January 14, 2011

Oh Frig

Hmmm...I thought that when I ditched my blog after the Mommy Group Discovery, I did so in a way that the blog wasn't actually deleted, but just not published anymore. Like I kinda remember coming back to my dashboard periodically, visiting TB like the grave of a dead, beautiful friend, and eyeing the option to "republish"...

Or some shit like that.

Is it all lost?

Frig, I hope not. I must investigate - in the meantime, if anyone still reads this and can advise...drop me a comment, baby.


BigP's Heather said...

In Google Reader I can still see old posts...want me to email them to you?

Language Arts Lady said...

I had subscribed to your blog in an RSS reader, and your old posts are in there... I'm not sure what happened to your actual blog, though.

Hopefully someone with a bit more experience can be of more help, but at least there are some of your posts saved in places!

Anonymous said...

Hi TB - This post popped up on my reader but I can't see any others from the home page. The old posts are probably still around cause if the blog was deleted the URL wouldn't exist anymore...I think?

Once I escape naptime and get to a proper computer I'll finally get around to adding your new blog to my reader. Reader maintenance is like housework to me - I tend to neglect it.

Hannah said...

I have no idea if it's gone or not, but I am REALLY hoping you are back. TB has been missed!

Anonymous said...

I just saw your name come up in my google reader and thought...yahooooo, change of heart! She's back. No such luck???

Missing your funny stories.


Miss Tori said...

I can't help you with figuring out how to bring it back from the dead, but I have you in my google reader, so if you ever need your old posts, I could help you out there. It may take copy and paste, but it could be done, unless someone knows how to bring them back from Google Reader in an easier fashion.

Hannah said...

I keep checking, and nothing. Is TB really gone for good?

Miss Tori said...

I know this is over a year old, it's been a while since I've really kept up with my blog reading.

However, I still have your posts in my Google Reader. If ever you want them, you're welcome to contact me and see if we can figure out how you can get them. Maybe the old copy and paste?

Hope you are doing well.